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Recommendations of the Hygiene, Construction and Technology Expert Committee

Welcome to the English part of the DGSV e.V. Website

Thank you for having a look into our website! If you read this, you have found the small part in English language.

The German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV e.V.) was founded in November 1996 by motivated people from Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices (RUMED/CSSD), science and industry. The purpose of the association is to promote the health care system by supporting research, science, continuing education as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience with practitioners in the field of sterile supply. We now have over 1,000 members.

We are pleased to have many motivated members in our professional society, who often use their scarce free time to participate in the various committees. The sponsoring members of the DGSV® support the committee’s work not only through their membership fees, but also through the secondment of experts on various topics.

Thus, we were able to develop, draw up and publish recommendations and guidelines to support other practitioners in RUMED in their daily work since 1998. You can find all recommendations in the magazine “Central Service”. The guidelines were also published by the same publishing company “mph-Verlag”.

Over the years, DGSV eV. recommendations have become an important national and international source for „best practice“ in reprocessing of surgical instruments and other medical devices.

Now we are pleased to be able to make our latest publications available in English language as a service for our international colleagues and to contribute to the global quality of medical device reprocessing.

At present we will provide published recommendations of the Quality committee of DGSV e.V and the committee for hygiene, building and technical issues.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions and to an interesting exchange of knowledge, sciences and experiences on any subject of medical device reprocessing. Please get into contact with us by writing an E-mail to

Best regards from the executive board of DGSV e.V.

HBT_1_EN_ZT_4_14_Part 1 Basics

HBT_2_EN_ZT_1_15_Part 2 Planning

HBT_3_EN_ZT_5_15_Part 3 Rooms and their allocation

HBT_4_EN_ZT_4_16_Part 4 Room furnishings and equipment for a RUMED

HBT_5_EN_ZT_6_16_Part 5 Room furnishings and equipment for a RUMED One-room solution

HBT_6_EN_ZT_3_17_Part 6 Technical Building Systems (TBS)

HBT_7_EN_ZT_4_18_Part 7 Rooms and their allocation for reprocessing flexible endoscopes

HBT_8_EN_ZT_1_19_Part 8 Room furnishings and equipment for a reprocessing unit for flexible endoscopes

HBT_9_EN_ZT_5_19_Part 9 Supplyprocess media for a reprocessing unit for flexible endoscopes

HBT_10_EN_ZT_5_19_Part 10 Compressed air for reprocessing medical devices

HBT_11_EN_ZT_5_19_Part 11 Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a RUMED

HBT_12_EN_ZT_5_20_Part 12 Recommendations for an infection control and prevention plan for Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices

HBT_13_EN_ZT_1_21_Part 13 Maintenance of devices and equipment in a RUMED

HBT_14_EN_ZT_2_21_Part 14 Measures for construction or reconstruction during ongoing work in a Reprocessing Unit for Medical

HBT_15_EN_ZT_3_21_Part 15 Contingency concept for a RUMED to deal with expected and unexpected operational disruptions

HBT_16_EN_ZT_2_22_Recommendations for cleaning and disinfection policies in Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices

HBT_17_EN_ZT_4_22_Part 17 Water treatment for the RUMED

HBT-18_EN_ZT_6_22_Part 18_Water for reprocessing medical devices

HBT-19_EN_ZT_2_23_Part 19_Barrier-free building as well as ergonomic interior design and furnishing in a RUMED