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Recommendations of the Quality Committee

Welcome to the English part of the DGSV e.V. Website

Thank you for having a look into our website! If you read this, you have found the small part in English language.

The German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV e.V.) was founded in November 1996 by motivated people from Reprocessing Units for Medical Devices (RUMED/CSSD), science and industry. The purpose of the association is to promote the health care system by supporting research, science, continuing education as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience with practitioners in the field of sterile supply. We now have over 1,000 members.

We are pleased to have many motivated members in our professional society, who often use their scarce free time to participate in the various committees. The sponsoring members of the DGSV® support the committee’s work not only through their membership fees, but also through the secondment of experts on various topics.

Thus, we were able to develop, draw up and publish recommendations and guidelines to support other practitioners in RUMED in their daily work since 1998. You can find all recommendations in the magazine “Central Service”. The guidelines were also published by the same publishing company “mph-Verlag”.

Over the years, DGSV eV. recommendations have become an important national and international source for „best practice“ in reprocessing of surgical instruments and other medical devices.

Now we are pleased to be able to make our latest publications available in English language as a service for our international colleagues and to contribute to the global quality of medical device reprocessing.

At present we will provide published recommendations of the Quality committee of DGSV e.V and the committee for hygiene, building and technical issues.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions and to an interesting exchange of knowledge, sciences and experiences on any subject of medical device reprocessing. Please get into contact with us by writing an E-mail to

Best regards from the executive board of DGSV e.V.

FA-Q_EN_ZT_2_24_128_Personnel Qualifications in the Reprocessing Unit for MP (Rumed)

FA-Q_EN_ZT_1_24_127_Risk assessment of reprocessing-related products

AKQ_EN_ZT_6_23_66_67_The use of uktrasonic cleaners for precleaning medical devices

AKQ_EN_ZT_4_23_33_Mesh trays (and storage aids) and their implications for the success of the cleaning and disinfection process

AKQ_EN_ZT_3_23_The use of test objects to verify the cleaning performance at the time of validation of cleaning and disinfection processes

AKQ_en_ZT_1_18_105_Risk assessment and release of new medical devices

AKQ_en_ZT_2_18_106_No reprocessing of kidney bowls or wash bowls in

AKQ_en_ZT_3_18_107_Information to be provided by the medical device

AKQ_en_ZT_4_18_108_Information to be provided by the medical device manufacturer_part2

AKQ_EN_ZT_6_18_108_Information to be provided by the medical device manufacturer-Update

AKQ_en_ZT_5_18_109_Corrosion an underestimated risk

AKQ_en_ZT_6_18_108_Information to be provided by the medical device manufacturer for the processing of medical devices – Checklist updated

AKQ_EN_ZT_2_19_112_Unambiguous traceability of medical device

AKQ_EN_ZT_3_19_113_Unambiguous traceability of medical device

AKQ_EN_ZT_4_19_114_Reprocessing flexible endoscopes – pros and cons of

AKQ_EN_ZT_5_19_115_Routine tests for monitoring automated cleaning and disinfection processes

AKQ_EN_ZT_1_20_116_Implications of MDR for the economic operator

AKQ_EN_ZT_2_20_117_Transport between the site of use and reprocessing

AKQ_EN_ZT_3_20_118_Hygiene aspects when dealing with external persons

AKQ_EN_ZT_4_20_119_Process chemicals in the medical device (MD)

AKQ_EN_ZT_5_20_120_Guide to compilation of standard operating procedures

AKQ_EN_ZT_1_21_121_Quality assurance in the RUMED through well-targeted

AKQ_EN_ZT_2_21_122_Job descriptions for employees

AKQ_EN_ZT_4_21_123_Quality assurance in the RUMED through well-targeted

AKQ_EN_ZT_6_21_124_Is validation of processes in storage cabinets with controlled

AKQ_EN_ZT_1_22_125_Comparison of sterile barrier systems

AKQ_EN_ZT_1_23_43_Validation of steam sterilization processes in large sterilizers

FA-Q_EN_ZT_5_23_85_Recommendation for the storage period for sterile MP